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The Power of Positive Thinking for Money™


will teach you how to find:

1. What you want in regards to wealth.

2. The actions you need to take and how to take them.

3. The right exemplar to model from.

4. What motivates you best to succeed in achieving wealth.

5. How to create new meaning for obtaining wealth.

6. The communication required for achievement of wealth.

7. How you need to believe to acquire wealth.

8. Help you value what you want to achieve.

9. Financial, physical, emotional, emotional and nutritional conditioning for success.

10. Realistic goals for wealth.

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The HEDGE FUND WORKOUT® with ATTENTION DIRECTED DIFFERENTLY® and (VCP) teaches the practice of making visual pictures and creating mental images with graphic representation of your progress so you can see a detailed representation of yourself performing.


Guided by the information and data you input into this program, the process is personality based, identifying success and failure cycles that in turn help bridge the gap to better performance.

(VCP) helps provide you with all the visualization and stimulation you need to perform with built-in daily evaluation systems to measure short-term goals, representing all you want to achieve.


By seeing what you are doing and showing what you need to see, feel and hear, you are able to bring the gap to performance.

THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING FOR FITNESS® is in no way affiliated, or in connection with the religious writings, pamphlets and books of the church corporation Guide Posts.

My process HEDGE FUND WORKOUT® THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING FOR MONEY™ is a Quantum Reaction Theory, based on a mathematical equation, which I arrived at, that can not only predict, but also change, behavior and performance. This is a conditioning system to find your own process for learning, with behavior modification. With this system, I hope to help individuals not only predict but change behavior through a method of questioning and a visual conditioning process, (VCP)™.


To give you a brief summary of the development process of HEDGE FUND WORKOUT®THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING FOR MONEY™, it was instigated by my own frustration. It all started when I dislocated my patella in a HS football game against Scarsdale HS. I then had to have my knee operated on by Dr. Nickerson.


Then, after collapsing at end of race, I had to go back to my surgeon Dr. Nickerson.

He told me I have what they call “marchers’ syndrome” where muscle can get too big for the sheath around it and the muscle can explode and die.


I later developed gastrointestinal problems due to the expansion of my business. My GP Dr. Collins said he could run tests, but it would probably be a waste of time; better to treat it naturally.


Therefore, I became a self-educated Naturopath, Homeopath and Herbologist. Now with flat feet, a sway back, and what I would find out later to be no cartilage in either knee, it was affecting my lower back. So, I went to see a chiropractor, who bought my old chiropractor’s business and he over adjusted me, causing me to walk around sideways for 3 years; until I got back with my old chiropractor.


I felt like I was being lazy, so I wanted to work with a physical therapist friend of mine Mike Hanson. He said “if you want to work with me you have to see Dr. Alchek”. So, there I went.


As a former competitive track and field athlete, at age 30, I was diagnosed with having no cartilage in either knee. Dr. Alchek actually said, “It is a miracle that you can even walk!”. 


The problem I now faced was how to deal with this physical limitation and the lack of a reference point or map for the journey that I found myself on. While I could help my clients, I could not help myself. I researched and read every book I could get my hands on, and it was a good start, although I needed more of a map to get from where I was, to where I needed and wanted to go as opposed to self-help and prayer.


I have made it my life’s work at OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® to study the human ability to change and realized how difficult it is to achieve. In over three decades in the business of coaching and in the conditioning field; I have come to the realization that two areas do in fact create change: chemistry and physics. I saw the need for a psychological structure, or vehicle for arranging information, in relation to a question, so that the answer, or cause of action is made clear to help the person create a personal map, to bridge the gap from intention to achievement.


I now want to help others in a way that I wasn't helped by providing a map to bridge the gap from where you are, to where you want to be.


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