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Positive Thinking for Fitness®

Herzog Trademarks THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING FOR FITNESS® with USPTO, To Help Individuals Choose The Way They Want To Live and What They Want To Accomplish.

What if we had an app, or system, or program that actually enhanced our life and made the world better on all levels mentally, physically, emotionally, nutritionally, spiritually even financially, or whatever?

Greg Herzog has developed that program in THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING FOR FITNESS® to help you choose the way you want to live and what you want to accomplish. Instead of anything else, telling you what to think, see, feel, hear and do, you tell yourself.

The process THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING FOR FITNESS® is a Quantum Reaction Theory based on a mathematical equation (the more that you know) which I arrived at, that can not only predict, but also change lifestyle, behavior and performance. THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING FOR FITNESS® is a model to help you find your own process for living, achievement and lifestyle, with behavior modification. With this system, Greg hopes to re-frame the use of technology for a better life with ATTENTION DIRECTED DIFFERENTLY®, through a method of questioning and a visual conditioning process, (VCP)®.

Herzog has made it his life’s work at Herzog Body Technology to study the human ability to change and realized how difficult it is to achieve. In his three decades plus in the business of coaching in the conditioning field Greg has come to the realization that two areas do in fact create change: chemistry and physics. Greg saw the need for a psychological structure, or vehicle for arranging information, in relation to a question, so that the answer, or cause of action is made clear, to help the person create a personal map, to bridge the gap from intention to achievement.

Herzog has been working on this process The POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING FOR FITNESS® for decades and firmly believe that, if implemented properly, it can be a great resource for anyone who wants to achieve a better life with regard to health, fitness, money and lifestyle or whatever.

To give you the brief summary of the development process, it was instigated by his own frustration. As a former competitive track and field athlete, at age 30, Greg was diagnosed as having no cartilage in either knee; my orthopedist actually said “It is a miracle that you can even walk!”. The problem Herzog faced was how to deal with this physical limitation, weight gain and the lack of a reference point or map for the journey that I found myself on. While he could help my clients, he could not help himself. Greg researched and read every book he could get his hands on and it was a good start, although he needed more of a map to get from where he was, to where he needed and wanted to go.

As individuals spend more time online running their virtual lives, Herzog believes that THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING FOR FITNESS® will be the model for optimum lifestyle change, education and health care in the 21st century where you can attain the specificity that is needed to help discover the what and why people do what they do, and help them change it.

Greg Herzog is a sub four minute miler, Celebrity Trainer, ranked among Top 50 Trainers in the United States. Greg resides in Ridgefield CT.

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