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Senior Fitness


Client David Monteith

Same form at 71 as at 21 years young. Just a little lower height. A National Record Holder in his age group.

OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® senior fitness workouts are exercise routines designed specifically for older adults by a certified personal trainer(PTP) to help them maintain or improve their physical health, mobility, and overall well-being. These personal training workouts are typically tailored to address the unique needs and considerations of older individuals, such as joint health, balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness, while also taking into account any pre-existing medical conditions.

Here are some key components often included in OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® senior fitness workouts:

  1. Warm-Up and Cool-Down: Every workout begins with a gentle warm-up and end with a cool-down to prepare the body for exercise and reduce the risk of injury.

  2. Cardiovascular Exercise: A (PTP) guides you through aerobic activities like rowing, cycling, or low-impact aerobics help improve cardiovascular health, endurance, and circulation.

  3. Strength Training: A personal training OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® professional will guide you through resistance exercises using light weights, resistance cables, or body weight helps maintain or build muscle mass, which is important for maintaining metabolism and mobility.

  4. OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® Balance and Flexibility Exercises: These exercises help improve stability, reduce the risk of falls, and maintain range of motion in joints. Examples include tai chi boxing and yoga.

  5. Low-Impact Options: OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® senior fitness programs emphasize low-impact exercises to reduce stress on joints. These may include stepping balance board or stationary cycling.

  6. Core Strengthening: Strengthening the core muscles improves posture and support the spine, which is important for overall stability and best results.

  7. Stretching: OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® stretching exercises help improve flexibility and reduce muscle tension.

  8. Breathing and Relaxation Techniques: An OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® PTP will help you incorporate breathing exercises and relaxation techniques into you routine can help manage stress and anxiety, which can affect overall health.

  9. Adaptations for Individual Needs: OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® senior fitness programs are adaptable to individual needs and can be modified for those with specific health conditions or limitations.

It's essential for older adults to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise program, especially if you have underlying health issues. This ensures that the workouts are safe and suitable for their specific needs.

OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® offer senior fitness classes and programs tailored to the needs of older adults. These programs are often led by certified fitness trainers who have experience working with an older populations.

OF Senior Fitness Training

Sustainable Personal Training Programs to Keep You Moving

Exercise plays a very important role in how we age and how to stay fit and healthy during our senior years. Physical exercise has many benefits; including lowering tightness, managing stress, reducing cholesterol, reducing the chance of injury and minimizing the effects of countless other chronic conditions. Greg is a senior fitness specialist and can help Seniors get there mind and body into shape through a  sustainable senior fitness workout program focused on structural functional fitness and strength, balance, stretching and cardiovascular activities.

Many of the exercises incorporated into the OF Senior Fitness regimen will target:

  •     Agility

  •     Coordination

  •     Posture

  •     Strength

  •     Balance

  •     Flexibility

Call (203) 240-4020 to learn more about the benefits the OF Senior Exercise Program.


Helping You sustain a Lifelong Commitment to Your Health

As we mature in age, it’s very important to remain active in order to keep our bodies healthy and strong. Exercise in a sustainable way, on a regular basis can help boost your energy, help you recover from sickness more quickly and maintain independence. many other benefits include improving your posture, maintaining proper weight and minimizing the risk from falls. Greg can help you stay on track to maintain a full and healthy lifestyle throughout your life.

The OF Difference

We’re committed to providing seniors with health and fitness options that best support their bodies. Greg creates senior fitness training programs that are unique for you and whatever your needs are and situation. He also adds fun and creativity into the workouts, so that you don’t get bored. Best of all, Greg brings the workout to you, including equipment and a personal training professional coach who listens to all your needs.

Call (203) 240-4020 to schedule a session. Your first session is on us!

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