AXIS CORE® HIIT is a full body workout, focused on endurance, strength, and power training, designed by personal training professional, Greg Herzog over the last 2 decades.


​Trained personally by Arthur Jones, the founder of Nautilus and HIT; Greg used his training and skills as a former world class track and field athlete and trainer/coach to enhance HIT training into AXIS CORE® HIIT for maximum results.


The physiological theory behind AXIS CORE® HIIT is a maximum workout in minimum time; Power, Strength and Endurance training, to train to excel for the most complete workout and results in the least amount of time.

This program design produces a metabolism boost effect, which is an increased metabolic rate for up to 48 hours after the workout. This process leads to higher calorie burn after the workout.


AXIS CORE® HIIT burns more calories post workout than traditional exercise because of its intensity.


Intensity is based on your individual ability and exercise level making the workout effective for all fitness levels.


Our workout studio is conveniently located on 383 Main Street in Downtown Ridgefield (above Deborah Ann's Sweet Shoppe) and has a variety of equipment and modalities; including bikes, extension machine, balls, medicine ball, balance boards, decline bench, flat bench, incline bench, cable crossover machine, Roman chair, squat-box, barbells and dumbbells.

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We offer three different membership plans Basic, Elite, and Premier. The Basic plan offers eight sessions a month, the Elite plan offers 12 classes a month, and the Premier plan offers 16-20 sessions per month.


Our workouts are designed for all fitness levels. No matter where you are in your fitness exploration, Greg can help tailor your workout to help you feel comfortable with the workout while still meeting the results you want.


We recommend signing up for a free* introductory session, then discussing any thoughts or questions you may have regarding your fitness goals with Greg.


Call for introductory session today.




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