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Bedford NY In Home Training


In Bedford New York

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We bring the trainer to you in Bedford.

We bring the workout to you.

We bring the equipment to you.


In Home Personal Training Near Me:


Get fit in the convenience of your own home! OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® delivers in-home personal training right to your house, with state of the art equipment, made to order one on one in the privacy of your home, for seniors, youth, athletes, or anyone, anywhere you choose at a very reasonable cost.


Since 1994, our IN-HOME Personal Fitness Training company has helped literally thousands of clients improve their health, fitness and their lives, no matter their age or ability. Call for our reasonable rates.

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What Makes Us Different?

Greg provides individuals with the most convenient way to get fit. He brings the workout, and equipment, to you in Bedford. He will work with you no matter what your fitness levels, regardless of ability, age, or experience. Personal training professional Greg works with each client to establish fitness goals and create a plan to reach those goals.

The first session is ALWAYS FREE. We do offer discounts on the pre-purchase of 10, 20, 50 or 100 workout sessions.


To reach specific personal goals you may decide to schedule workouts multiple times per week.


Getting Started with OF

The first session is a complimentary evaluation designed to help establish fitness goals and develop a fitness program specific for you.

The evaluation includes:
Nutrition assessment

Fitness assessment

Strength assessment

Flexibility assessment

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Why Choose OF?


Encounter a Different Way to Work Out

Achieving health and fitness goals is not easy. Knowing how to introduce exercise, finding the right time to exercise, and staying motivated are common challenges. Getting yourself to the gym can feel much more overwhelming than even working towards your goal. To lose weight and keep it off or increase your fitness levels, it’s time to try something different. OF can help you achieve the maximum, results you desire! 

While there are endless reasons to turn to OF, the most important include:

Greg listens to you: He customizes every workout to help you reach your goals.

Greg motivates: His personal training style helps you stay motivated as he works to establish a consistent workout schedule. He designs a fitness program that's structured to hold you accountable and create a sustainable fitness routine that encourages proper health and a positive well-being. 

Greg delivers results: Stop wasting your time with gyms or trainers that aren't giving you results. Greg will ensure that you achieve maximum results in minimum time. Greg designs your fitness program for you to fit your abilities and help you reach your goals. He keeps records of your workouts and your progress and re-assess fitness levels every 12 weeks. 

OF is perfect for beginners:  Are you Interested in getting fit, but don't know where to start? Greg will introduce you to fun, effective routines and valuable health and fitness knowledge. When you're ready, he can introduce more advanced routines.


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Personalized sessions: The most important difference Greg and other gyms or trainers is his ability to come to you and work with you in the comfort of your preferred setting.  His one-on-one sessions are structured around your body and conversation and the goals you want to achieve in order to maximize results. 

Creative fitness routines:  Are you tired of performing the same routine over and over again? With OF, we mix up the order exercise and discipline. We create customized workout plans that are designed to help you stay motivated. 

Our equipment: When Greg arrives at your home or office in Bedford he provides the equipment that's state-of-the-art.

Maintain mental fitness: Research shows that exercising causes the brain to release endorphins that result in your ability to feel less stressed and happier.

Greg works on the outside and inside you. 

Manage sustainable weight: With Greg's personalized workout programs, you burn calories quickly and achieve your own personal goals. 


Focus on your health and well being:  Numerous studies show that working out can help build up your body's immune defenses. This will make you feel more energetic and boost your ability to prevent diseases. 

No matter what your basis, unease or excuses, OF can help you get started working out today at your home or office in Bedford.


Contact us at (203) 240-4020 Schedule your free first session today!

Year Founded: 1985

 Greg teaches lifelong habits in order to keep clients looking and feeling their very best.

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