Where are you located?

383 Main Street, Ridgefield CT, Above Deborah Ann's Sweet Shoppe, next to the Ridgefield Hardware store.


Do you do in home training?

Yes. Ridgefield, New Canaan, Wilton, Redding, Fairfield County CT, Bedford NY, South Salem, North Salem, Westchester County NY and New York City.


What is a typical session like?

We Stretch you, strengthen you, relaxation, dietary advice, mental performance training in our Ridgefield private gym or your own home or office. Your music, your talk.  :)


Do you do Yoga?

Yes. We have a trademarked Yoga stretching method, where we stretch you; ARS AXIS RELEASE®.


Do you do diet and nutrition?

Yes. We have a trademarked ZUMA BEACH DIET® and nutritional conditioning program for maximal results.


Do you work on the mental game?

Yes. With THE SECRET MAP® QUANTUM MAPPING® mental, physical, nutritional and emotional conditioning to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, train to excel with maximum results.



It is Structural Functional Fitness™; mental, physical, emotional, nutritional, and financial conditioning. Through flexibility, strength, mental, physical emotional and nutritional support; OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® helps the body balance and heal itself for optimum fitness and recovery.


Do you have packages?

Yes. To suit your needs: Everything from 15 minute workouts to 1 hour and everything from 10 sessions to 72 sessions.


How are you different?

Pioneer in the business for over two decades in Ridgefield, Fairfield County, Westchester and NYC.

Structural Functional Fitness™ by a Personal Training Professional, former world class athlete/coach.

Comprehensive conditioning, (all in one) stretching, strengthening, mental performance, nutritional conditioning and life coaching in order to train to excel for maximum results.

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What is your experience?

Former Olympic coach world class athlete, certified personal training professional. Over a quarter of a century experience as a conditioning specialist/coach in Ridgefield, Fairfield County Westchester and NYC.



Structural Functional Fitness™ to increase balance, strength and agility for optimum health, that allows the body to heal itself after injury. 

Highest most complete rate of return in personal coaching and training today. Guaranteed results.


Is it private?



Can you help with back pain?

Yes. We have helped thousands of people with all kinds of back pain troubles for over two decades.

Do you have BOOT CAMPS?

Yes. intensive programs for 4-12 weeks, 3-5 times a week.


Do you do Pilates?

Yes. With my trademarked specialized AXIS CORE® Pilates.


Do you work with people who want to lose up to and over 20 pounds?

Yes. I have worked with numerous people that have lost up to 70 pounds.


Do you work with athletes?

Yes. Boys and girls, men and women, ages 12 through 75.


Do you work with children?

Yes. Ages 12 and up.

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Is 20-25 minutes of HIT* workout really enough to get you lean?

If you work hard enough 20 minutes of HIT * is more than enough in order to train to excel for maximum results. If you're consistent and you fuel your body with the right food you will get lean.


* High Intensity Training

Call today for free transformation session 203-240-4020.



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