Sports Conditioning


Sports Conditioning

OF will Help You be better at your Sport

Are you Interested in improving your game? Greg incorporates cutting edge researched methods to help you train and enhance your equilibrium, quickness, speed, endurance, and strength. In addition to foundational athletic mastery, we add sport specific training to your personal fitness training workout in order to improve your performance.

OF can help you raise the level of your game, whatever you play:

  •     Soccer

  •     Basketball

  •     Hockey

  •     Baseball

  •     Tennis

  •     Golf

OF has the experience and skills necessary to advance your sports program.



OF and How We Can Help You Improve Your Game

Greg can help you enhance every aspect of your game, to assist you in reaching your goals. For middle school, High School or College athletes and beyond, of any skill level, we offer ARS Tm flexibility, efficiency, and AXIS CORE TM strength training through our unique trademarked conditioning method based on researched techniques that improve sport specific performance or overall conditioning. We’re positive that we can condition your mind and body and assist you with the tools you will need to find your inner star.

OF Training Clients of All Ages 13-90

Whatever your age, you are entitled to pursue your dedication of becoming great at participating in your favorite sport. OF works with clients of all ages 5-90 and always works to better your exercise health and fitness abilities. We exhibit the rewards that personal fitness training has to offer, while at the same time make it an  enjoyable, educational participation that ingrains the mastery you need to take command of your own  fitness workout routine with conviction.

Contact Greg at (203) 240-4020 to learn more about our personal training professional conditioning coach and how he can help your game !


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