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Keeping You Self Sufficient

A broad range of companion care services are offered at home, or in healthcare facility settings.

Whether you need elderly companion care services, senior companion care services or companion care for a loved one who is chronically ill or recovering from surgery, OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® Home Care can help.


Conversation, Company and Structured Visits

Merely having a visitor from time to time can make all the difference in the world to someone living alone or perhaps caring for an ailing spouse. From having a conversation to sharing a meal, OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® Home Care means a home care companion and something and or someone to look forward to being with.


Paperwork Organization and Mail

OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® Home Care can help you stay on top of your bills and other important administrative duties, and by organizing household mail and paperwork. At the guidance of the clients, our OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® home caregivers will also assist with reading and opening mail.


Meal Preparation

Some seniors neglect to get sufficient nutrition, because they find its a big deal with preparing a meal and cleaning up afterwards. At OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS®, an in home companion caregiver can prepare proper meals that maintain a healthy diet, provide adequate nutrition for the application of medicines, and simply add enjoyment and comfort to a senior’s day. In addition, our caregivers handle all the clean up!


Transportation, Shopping, and Errands

Getting, prescriptions, groceries or dry cleaning are routine needs of those who want to maintain self reliance at home. OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® in home companion caregivers can provide these services, including shopping at a client’s favorite stores for needed items. They can also provide transportation for our clients who would like to socialize and run errands, all while taking care of the client’s well-being.


Leisure Activities

Our OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® in home caregivers will take a client to there favorite activity and are happy to join in a game of cards or Scrabble.


Light Housekeeping

Our OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® home health companion caregivers will vacuum, dust, remove trash , organize and tidy rooms, closets and drawers, and the cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms. A clean home is a happy, more comfortable home, and OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® Home Care is here to help!


Medication Reminders

Though our OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® in home caregivers are unable to administer medications, they can provide regular reminders for oral medications or injections, and can assist with pre-measured medication and the monitoring of side effects or other medical issues.


Laundry Services

OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® in home caregivers can wash, dry, fold, iron and put away clothing, bed linens, and towels for our clients. OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® in home care service can save time and physical exertion.


Family Respite Care

OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® can help relieve the stress of caring for a loved one, in providing a much needed break to primary caregivers (spouses, children, relatives, or friends).


While OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® aim's to serve the needs of individual clients, we also know that we are caring for families in sometimes challenging situations. OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® respite care services can give you much needed time off.



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