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Online Personal Training

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Herzog Offers Gift of Online Personal Training During Corona Virus Outbreak.

There is much concern about being in environment with large amounts of people. Greg Herzog of OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® Downtown Ridgefield at 383 Main St above Deborah Ann's Sweet Shoppe is offering a gift of 2 free sessions to assist you in your training during the Corona Virus outbreak. One-on-one  ONLINE training
Don't know what the heck to do at the gym or for fitness right now? Want to level up your workouts? Unmotivated?  Need a plan for your next big physical feat?  Greg can help.  Meet OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING, a method of online personal training without needing to meet face-to-face each week.. Owner Greg Herzog has expanded his offerings outside of his private studio with a personalized program to take wherever you want. Think of it as the direct-to-consumer training model. Greg will write up a month-long program of exercises, reps, and sets tailored to your goals and provide instruction on how to do each move in the program. Throughout the month he will (virtually) check in with you and answer any questions or concerns you have along the way.
What are the benefits of using an online personal trainer?
You gain many of the same pay-offs you’d get from in-person personal training when you choose to go virtual, particularly with Greg's' guidance on workouts that will help you reach your goals. With Greg you know that you are signing up with a trainer that actually provides personalized service, rather than those that just dish out standard programs to every user or client. Greg's plan is catered to you after you share your goals and past performance.
One of the top advantages of online personal training, compared to in-person: flexibility. “There’s usually no set schedule for your workouts,” says Greg “So you’re really able to do [the workouts] from home or just on your own time in general.” That means if you’re traveling or busy with family, and only have 20 minutes to spare—you can still do a workout tailored to you.
"And by creating your own schedule, you do become more self-sufficient" says Greg. Plus, since you need to report back to your trainer—you'll become more in tune with your own body, and how certain exercises make you feel.

How do I know if online personal training is right for me?

But is online personal training just as good as the face-to-face experience? Is it worth it to pay for a plan you follow from your phone or laptop? Let Greg Herzog of OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® answer all your questions about online personal training, and serve as your guide to finding the best fit for your fitness goals—online or at his private studio in downtown Ridgefield.

Greg Herzog is a former sub four minute miler, certified trainer, and owner of one of the very first Private Boutique Training Studios in Ridgefield. Greg is also among the “Top 50 Trainers in America” with decades of experience.
For more information and to get your two free online sessions go to or call 203-240-4020

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