Greg Herzog 383 Main St Ridgefield CT in Fairfield County has developed a Concierge Wellness Program to work with you remotely, meet you at your home, or at his boutique studio/gym in Downtown Ridgefield.

Here is a brief summary of the development of our OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® Concierge Wellness Program process.

It was instigated by Greg's own frustration. As a former competitive track and field athlete, at age 30, Greg was diagnosed as having no cartilage in either knee; his orthopedist actually said, “It is a miracle that you can even walk!”. The problem he faced was how to deal with this physical limitation and the lack of a reference point, or map, for the journey that he found himself on.

While he could help his clients, he could not help himself. Greg researched and read every book he could get his hands on, and it was a good start, although he needed more of a map to get from where he was, to where he needed and wanted to go.

Greg Herzog has made it his life’s work to study the human ability to change and realized how difficult it is to achieve. In his 35 years in the business of coaching in the conditioning field Greg has come to the realization that two areas do in fact create change: Chemistry and Physics.

Herzog saw the need for a psychological structure, or vehicle, for arranging information, in relation to a question, so that the answer, or cause of action is made clear to help the person create a personal map, to bridge the gap from intention to achievement.

His process THE SECRET MAP®; QUANTUM MAPPING ® is a Quantum Reaction Theory based on a mathematical equation which he arrived at that can not only predict, but also change, behavior and performance.

At OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® we are a Health and Fitness Coach Support System treating your body as a whole; mentally, structurally, emotionally and nutritionally. We realize that you are only as strong as the weakest link. We are here to support you, educate and encourage you to improve your life through awareness, exercise and self-care.


At OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® our aim is to help you identify, change and or modify behaviors that you feel are keeping you from living your best life. We will help you design a plan that's personalized for you, incorporating new health and fitness habits that fit your lifestyle.


At OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® we will evaluate together your existing habits and pursue areas that need improvement.


At OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® we will take time each week to assess your progress, augment and move current goals as well as set new ones.


OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® provides immeasurable support through text and email, whether it's to help with stress, anxiety or motivate you to work out.


At OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® we'll find ways to incorporate healthy living, food and fitness into your lifestyle effortlessly.


At OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® we work directly with you on your personal wellness goals during our weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions.

“We will set a few, realistic goals and I will hold you to them.”


Want to get in better shape and don't know where to start? At OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® we can work with you to develop an eating and exercise plan that fits your schedule.


Okay, you're not ready for a long term commitment, but there's a change you want to make. Let's get you on track for just one month and see where it goes from there.

Call 203-240-4020 for more information.

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