The Optimum Strength Training for A Maximum Workout in Minimum Time, Is Surprisingly Easy

The number of reps and sets you do is less important than these fundamentals

As a Trainer in Ridgefield CT and Fairfield County CT, I get lots of inquiries about the best way to Work Out. Many of these queries are about strength training: How many training sessions per week are best? The number of repetitions? How many sets are optimum for progress?

The reality is: “You want to do something and do it consistently, whether it’s one day a week, or every day, it needs to be sustainable for you. That's where most of the health and fitness benefits come from.”

The most effective program is one that you will do and stick with.

At home, at a gym or with trainer?

Developing a home or travel push-ups squats sit ups dead lifts program is highly effective. Start with even just one push up, squat or sit up to begin with perfect form and try and build on it either every day, or week.

It can be very time efficient; you can hit all your major muscle groups with exercises like push-ups and squats, which work a lot of muscles at once.

During the pandemic, getting to a gym is extra challenging (and may not be safe).

It is best to find a low volume Private Boutique Gym with a truly knowledgeable trainer, in a safe, ventilated environment, is your best choice.

AXIS CORE TM Training targets the major muscle groups with efficiency

You want to know that you trained your body efficiently and maximally in a workout correct? AXIS CORE TM HIT targets each body part specifically and effectively, giving