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Tips On How To Return To Your Workout Routine Successfully

Tips On How To Return To Your Workout Routine Successfully

Spring is here and now you have the itch to get back in shape! Not so fast.

After the long winter of being inside, now more than ever it’s important to ease into a workout routine. Remember the game Operation where the buzzer goes off when you hit the side? That’s what happens when we do too much too soon. We are already wired to be on a diet, or off a diet. We always feel like we can join a gym anytime. That’s how big gyms make their money. They know you will start or join, but not continue. If everybody went to the gym that signed up, they’d be out of business. It’s a great time to change and finally get a sustainable health, fitness and wellness routine.

No different than surrendering to a financial adviser, it’s not a bad idea to find a good trainer and/or a Private one-on-one gym that has good ventilation and is low volume. It is worth its weight in gold if you can find the right trainer and environment and introduction to diet, fitness and wellbeing to apply now and for the rest of your life, it is truly priceless.

We all have the tendency of doing too much too soon. As a former world class track and field athlete, when I was diagnosed with no cartilage in either knee and that I shouldn’t be able to walk, I had to find a new method of fitness. So, I found biking. What did I do with my new Bianca Veloce bike, the nicest bike I had ever owned, and my clip in bike shoes? I tried to go too far and too fast; where I ended up putting my bike away for years, never riding it. Until one day I had an epiphany, Greg, you’re a conditioning coach, what would you tell people to do?

So, I did just that; literally riding 15 minutes a day to start out. Now I ride an hour a day and I am addicted. That is another thing, you want to introduce fitness and exercise in a way that it’s enjoyable and you don't feel right without it. Too many people do the all or nothing thing. Now with Covid, you may be further behind the eight ball. Baby steps.

If you have not run in a while start out slow. Maybe a 10 min jog, or a run-walk routine.

Run out 5 minutes and back five minutes. Just get the consistency in. If your lifting weights, do one set with a target weight, with perfect breathing and form is all you need. Make sure that you work out two days later, because that’s when you could be most sore.

If you feel like you want to stretch, it doesn’t hurt to run yourself through a couple of stretches before exercise. Just don’t overdo it. It is more important to stretch after and cool down properly; don't go into a standstill after exercise, cool down.

Don’t forget about recovery days. Recovery is just as important as the exercises. Apply the hard- easy principle. If you lift weights on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, do your aerobic work Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. With maybe a day off completely on Sunday.

In terms of your diet, start out with eating clean and healthy for one meal or one day and build on it. You don't have to go on a diet. Look at it as conditioning. Stay in tune with how you feel, more than focusing on weight loss.

Remember now is a great time for change. What do you want to feel like you accomplished once we emerge back into normalcy?

Good luck!

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