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Ridgefield Personal Trainer Greg Herzog, Celebrates 25th Anniversary in Ridgefield

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Greg Herzog of Herzog Body Tech LLC is one of the first private personal training studios in Ridgefield, since 1994. (Located above Deborah Ann's Sweet Shoppe, on 383 Main Street.)

Greg is a former Sub-Four Minute Miler and Certified Olympic Trainer, that has had operations in NYC, Beverly Hills, Palm Beach and South Hampton NY.

It all started at the University of Maryland College Park where Greg was attending school and running for the University, where he met John Philbin, a strength coach at the time for the University of Maryland basketball and track team, and now the San Diego padres strength coach.

John taught and trained Greg with manual Resistance training and PNF Stretching and introduced him to the (HIT) High Intensity strength Training method of training, invented by Arthur Jones, the founder of Nautilus.

Upon graduating from the University of Maryland Greg took all of his training he learned from John and started his own personal training business in Scarsdale NY, and then Manhattan NY; where he worked with clients such as Harvey Keitel, Naomi Campbell, Neil Sedaka, the Fords and the Rockefellers.

He then expanded his personal training business to Malibu and Beverly Hills, California, where he worked with celebrity clients such as David Geffen and Rob Lowe.

In October of 1994, towing his Jeep behind his lifelong possessions across the country from Los Angeles California, Greg pulled into bucolic Ridgefield, where he has been the owner of a personal fitness training studio for the last 25 years.

Over the past 25 years as a personal trainer in Ridgefield, Greg has developed (ARS) AXIS RELEASE STRETCHING® and AXIS CORE® to improve upon PNF, and High Intensity Training HIIT and Pilates, along with THE SECRET MAP® QUANTUM MAPPING® an artificial intelligence program for coaching and performance, while also developing and trademarking OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® structural functional fitness TM. He is also the author of The 15 Minute Stress Relief Program book, that he co-wrote with Craig Massback.

To give you a brief background of the inception and creation of OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS®; while Greg was attending Auburn University, he was, as they say, at the height of his game, when his knees gave out. Greg was brought to the famous Houston clinic in Columbus Georgia, where an assistant to Dr. Houston summoned Dr. Houston in to take a look at Greg's knees. Greg was never notified of his condition, which he, many years later, would find out at the Hospital of Special Surgery (HSS) in NYC, that he was lucky that he could walk, say much about run.

Greg transferred to the University of Maryland due to the fact that the coaches did not feel he could compete in his condition any more at the level they required. Greg transferred to the University of Maryland with one year of eligibility left and Coach Torpey took a chance on Greg. Greg not only proved that he could run again, but he broke the Four Minute Mile barrier, which was thought to be impossible until it was broken in 1954 by Roger Bannister.

Greg did not find out what the story was about his condition until he met with Dr. Alcheck at HSS. Before the X-rays Greg kidded with Dr. Alcheck “get ready for a world record”. After Dr. Alcheck came into the room after an hour wait he said to Greg “if I didn't see you sitting over there, I would say these are X-rays of someone who cant walk”. Greg was annoyed with the diagnosis, especially being that Alcheck said there was really nothing he could do. So Greg became a researcher, reading every book and periodical he could get his hands on how to function at the highest level in his condition; with no cartilage in either knee, flat feet and sway back.

28 years later Greg is still walking. He doesn't run, but bikes 1 hr religiously daily.

He realized how important an all encompassing total body fitness; strength flexibility, balance and mental and emotional outlook are for overall health mentally, physically, emotional and nutritionally. Therefore he trademarked OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® for all encompassing health.

You are only as strong as your weakest link, he always says. As a trainer and coach that has been through so much mentally, physically, emotionally and nutritionally, Greg believes it can help his clients best by identifying with many of their trials and tribulations.

Greg wants to share all of this knowledge and experience with others.

To reach Greg, call 203-240-4020.

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